Carpet is seldom replaced because it "wears" out. It is usually changed because it loses its fresh, new appearance.

Choosing the right padding is just as important as choosing the right carpet.

Ask about our various padding choices.

Carpet Facts:

Is this product a "continuous filament yarn"? This means that the carpet will have retention, memory, and look better longer. You have been deceived if the specifications do not read "Continuous Filament Yarn".

When carpet is manufactured there are three main fibers used:

  • NYLON - “Wears like Iron“ In it’s Fifth generation, it is now stain resistant.
  • OLEFIN - “Repels Stains” and wears well. It is in its fourth generation. Recyclable. (POLYYPROPYLENE)
  • POLYESTER - “Big BANG for your Buck” It is in its Fourth generation, very rich and deep colors.


  • PLUSH - Trackless, Velvet, High Sheen, Low Sheen, Ferize, Twist, Short, Long, Sculptured.
  • BERBER - Pattern, Hobnob, short row, cut, high, low, twisted, wool.


  • ACTION BACK - Seven pound tuft bind (replaced the original jute back)
  • SOFT BACK - New technology. An upgrade from the Action back. It is the first backing produced to carry a ten-year no stretch or re-stretch warranty.
  • PLATINUM BACK - A higher tuft bind, non-allergenic, germ and nitrobacteria protection. It carries a ten-year no stretch, warranty.

*Choice of pad required for individual carpet.

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