No matter what type of flooring you choose for your home or office, the proper care for lasting results comes from proper instructions.

Complete Commercial Flooring has over 40 years of knowledge to pass along with its service.

Rest assured, you will get the best prices, service and knowledge.

Facts that should be applied when purchasing flooring:

1.) Always go for the look YOU want. There are presently many manufacturers with quality products and competituve pricing.

2.) Always see the product in your home or office, because lighting and wall color will change the look and depth of the flooring.

3.) Will the company come to your home or office to accommodate your schedule and at no cost to you for the estimate?

4.) Will the company recommend competitive bidding in order to save you money on your quality products? Compare total yardage, price as well as the product. It is important for the estimate to be accurate and complete so no hidden charges are added later.

5.) Remember… There IS a right way to purchase flooring!