Rubber is the most inexpensive, durable surface regarding length of life cycle and minimal maintenance.

Also a great choice for wall bases, stairwells, and fitness flooring.

Each tile comes in 18x18 inch squares and is convenient to replace.


As seen in convention centers, hospitals, even Denver International Airport. Rubber is the most durable and safe flooring available.

Features and Benefits include: PVC free. Resists scuffing, gouging and cigarette scorching, as well as most chemicals and common substances. Very dimensionally stable - won’t shrink or separate. Provides underfoot comfort and reduced noise. Manufactured with non-hazardous materials, so it’s environmentally friendly and recyclable.

991 Slate Design

992 Low Profile Raised Circluar 993 Textured
994 Raised Square
996 Raised Circular Vantage 953 Warning Tile Design

All styles available in a rainbow of colors.